3 Point Motors know Craig Munro will correctly restore the factory-look to every Mercedes-Benz he repairs.

(They know, because they trained him).

MB 2014 E-Class

There are many important elements involved in making a correct, factory-style repair to Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Of course, highly-qualified technicians are the most important ones: because their advanced skills and training will ensure repairs to the paintwork and body are performed with the utmost precision, care and commitment.

This is why the Authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer, 3 Point Motors, appointed B&M Refinishers as an approved repairer. Proprietor Craig Munro, acquired his high levels of skill from a comprehensive apprenticeship with 3 Point, so they know for a fact, he always produces high-quality work - done to the exacting factory standards, specified by Mercedes-Benz.

To read some of the other important considerations, that influenced 3 Point Motors' decision to select B&M Refinishers as an approved repairer, click here

The approved facility must operate with a factory-style efficiency.

The staff and technicians must be passionate about quality, attention to detail and customer satisfaction.


Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts must always be used.

Their exact fit and quality is absolutely essential for a correct factory-look. (Using Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts also protects the owner's warranty).


The facility will have a state-of-the-art chassis alignment system.

To accurately re-calibrate a vehicle's chassis back to its original factory settings, so it feels and drives like it did pre-accident.


A high-tech, low-bake oven is absolutely essential.

Many newer vehicles with ceramic, scratch-resistant clear coats, need special treatment during the complex baking process.


Their technicians must also be very highly-skilled.

For instance, they must have the high level of specialised skill to use an inverted spot welder: something now required to repair very complex aluminium and steel body structures, found on the latest Mercedes-Benz models.


Some other requirements for an approved repairer include:

Having specialised tooling and diagnostic equipment (So every repair is done accurately and to factory standards); The repairer to use factory-specified Glasurit paints exclusively; and finally, Mercedes-Benz loan vehicles must be available.

B&M Refinishers share the same passion for Mercedes-Benz as 3 Point Motors, which is why their relationship works so well. From a minor scratch to a major collision repair, 3 Point Motors and B&M Refinishers always aim to restore the factory-look to every accident-damaged Mercedes-Benz - without compromise.