B&M Refinishers build E30 race cars that look ex-works.

(i.e. Have a factory-look).

BMW 3 Series Racing

When BMW Motorsport Division in Garching built their E30 race cars, they’d start with unpainted body shells. These were modified: then strengthened for the race track. Finally, BMW would paint them to the extremely high standard - typically found on every vehicle leaving their main factory.

At B&M Refinishers, our E30 race cars have high-quality, paint-work with the factory- look: even though they’ll only be used as track ‘weapons’. Read more about how we transform a stock 2 door E30 BMW into a serious race car.


  • We only use Glasurit high-tech paints & primers, on every modified area.
  • We weld-in roll cages: giving the body added strength.
  • We reinforce areas under stress: like the strut towers and chassis.
  • We use state-of-the-art sealants.
  • Finally, we bake the race car in our high-tech oven, creating a factory-style finish.

Craig Munro races an E30 BMW himself, and believes an accurately aligned chassis is absolutely critical, otherwise handling could be very twitchy and highly unpredictable: both bad traits in a race car. This is why B&M Refinishers make sure your chassis settings are correct before you go on the race track. (To do this we check them with our advanced chassis re-alignment system. Read about how this works).



Suspension points are measured.



Settings re-calibrated back to factory specifications.



Very precise chassis alignment.



Now your race car is ready for the track - just like you.


Would you like to discuss, having us build you an E30 race car? Then please call Craig Munro on (03) 9499 7585 or contact us