When B&M Refinishers restore a classic vehicle,

you won’t always see our best work.

Mercedes Vintage

During classic vehicle restorations, B&M Refinishers invariably make a few subtle, and in our opinion, worthwhile improvements.

But purists need not worry, the things we do won’t be visible – they’re often below the surface. And, there’s a very good reason why we hide some of our best work: B&M Refinishers aim to correctly restore the factory-look to every classic vehicle – not modify them.

Of course, we’re talking about including some products in the restoration, that just didn’t exist when these vehicles were built – not radical changes.

For example, we’ll use high-tech paints, that match older-style finishes - but don’t fade. B&M Refinishers also use some very advanced coatings and extremely durable sealants: all designed to withstand today’s very hostile environmental conditions.

And there’s a very good reason why B&M Refinishers always use high-tech products in our classic restoration work: we know they will always improve the end result. Please click here to read B&M Refinishers approach to doing a classic vehicle restoration.

Step 1


Thorough assessment of the vehicle’s existing condition.

- Includes the extent of any rust.

- We check everywhere: behind trims, around the glass, all rubber seal and underneath the carpets.


Step 2


Evaluate condition of parts that will be reused or restored.

Some classic O.E. parts are still obtainable and many quality reproduction items exist; those in bad condition can be replaced.


Step 3


Now MB Refinishers are able to quote on restoring your classic vehicle: without compromise.


Important: Always allow a contingency to cover additional work, not included in our final quote.

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