If you take the following actions, B&M Refinishers

can restore your vehicle’s correct factory-look.

Had an accident?

Here’s what to do now.

Call the B&M Refinishers


1800 01 01 16

They’ll advise you on what to do next.

If you give us your permission, the vehicle can then be towed to B&M Refinishers very secure, locked and alarmed premises at 198 Grange Road in Fairfield.


Stay calm. Sign nothing binding.

Be aware: Some tow operators can be affiliated with smash repairers, so NEVER give them permission to do repair work.

Do not admit liability. The accident may not have been your fault- even if at first, you feel it was.

Do not blame other parties involved.

Do not leave the accident scene.
Instead, move to somewhere safe.

Remove all valuables (i.e. mobile devices), before your vehicle is towed away.

Collect important information: names/addresses of drivers, vehicle/insurance details, Also, try to get the names / addresses of any independent witnesses.

Make a detailed sketch of the accident scene. Take photos and make notes as well.



Choose B&M Refinishers, for these very good reasons.



Our state-of-the art facility is just a few kms from the Melbourne CBD.



Awarded Panel Shop of the Year ‘07.



Factory- specified Glasurit paints used exclusively.



Latest low-bake oven re-creates your vehicle’s original factory-look.



State-of-the-art system re-calibrates a chassis back to original manufacturer specs.



We have factory-trained technicians.



Highly-skilled in all the traditional refinishing methods.



We’ll advise (where appropriate), about making a third party claim. If you’d like to talk to us, call (03) 9499 7585 or simply go to Claims help



Expert repair of most hail damage, using Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) techniques.



We also specialise in collectable and classic vehicle restoration.




How to find us.


Melways Ref: 31 B8


198 Grange Road, Fairfield, Victoria, 3078

T. (03) 9499 7585 F. (03) 9499 7582