As you’d expect, B&M Refinishers high-tech facility

also has an original factory-look.

Mercedes ML 63

At B&M Refinishers, we’ve designed areas specifically for all the stages in our factory-look, repair and refinishing work. In fact, the layout of our facility looks very similar to that of a prestige vehicle manufacturer: for the same reasons - quality and efficiency.

For a complete description of B&M Refinishers facility, please read this

Area 1 


  • Used for dis-assembly, panel-beating. Also, fabrication and re-assembly.
  • Has a totally separate booth. Only used for first stages of preparation, sanding and priming. (This booth traps dust, stopping it entering the final baking area. And ensuring that the quality matches the manufacturer’s high standards).
  • Area 1 has our inverted spot-welder. B&M Refinishers highly-skilled technicians use this for repairing complex aluminium and steel bodywork, found on many of the latest vehicles.

This bodywork is only repaired correctly, by our technicians using skilful bonding & welding techniques.



Area 2 


  • Cutting, polishing and detailing. But, only after we bake the refinished vehicle, to the very highest standard, in Area 3.
  • We prepare vehicles for customer delivery in Area 2. We’ll also go over the paintwork with a fine tooth comb, to check the quality of our work.



Area 3 


  • The next important stage: the baking process, is done in Area 3, inside our state-of-the-art, low-bake oven.
  • Our oven, is absolutely essential for correctly restoring the factory- look to the latest ceramic and scratch-resistant clear coats.
  • B&M Refinishers only use the Glasurit Refinishing System: because most leading European manufacturers specify it.