Porsche owners only accept perfect factory-look repairs.

(B&M Refinishers are the same).

Porsche 911 GT3

We’re not suggesting owners of other prestige vehicles, aren’t as critical about the quality of repair work. It’s just we’ve often found Porsche owners to be even more meticulous.

For example, we’re never surprised if a Porsche owner asks to discuss details with our skilled technicians, in the early stages of a repair: the ideal time to request any ‘fine tuning’.

Some Porsche fanatics even know about the small, but important details, for a correct factory-look restoration. Like the exact door shut-line widths, correct panel fit - even paint depth in microns.

In fact, we’ve found many Porsche owners know as much about quality standards as our trained technicians, and this has created a challenge for B&M Refinishers that we gladly accept: our work must always be done to the highest standard.

Obviously, Porsche owners have very high expectations, and so do Prestige Point who made us their preferred repairer.