Sometimes, B&M Refinishers can fix hail damage,

without losing the original factory-finish.

BMW M4 Convertible

B&M Refinishers’ skilled technicians only use manufacturer- specified Glasurit paints. And these, combined with a high-tech, low-bake oven, correctly restore the factory-look to damaged luxury vehicles.

However, there’s an instance when B&M Refinishers won’t recommend disturbing the manufacturer’s paintwork: repairing minor hail damage. The reason why this. In many cases, B&M Refinishers technicians can fix hail-damaged paintwork: without losing the original factory-finish.

We’ll use a technique called PDR (Paint-less Dent Repair) - accepted and recommended by most major insurance companies. A PDR will involve some specialized tools, lots of skill and also, immense patience. (Fortunately, our technicians have this in abundance).

To find out more about Paint-less Dent Repair, we suggest that you read about the main benefits of a PDR and also, our approach to a typical PDR.

The main benefits of PDR.

No filling. No sanding. No extra painting. So, the original factory-look is kept.



How we do a typical PDR.

First, roof lining & interior trim panels are carefully removed, for access behind the damaged panels.



We work from the inside,

gently coaxing any dents out: gradually restoring the surface.



When the PDR is finished,

the original damage won’t be visible.




Your paintwork is
mirror-smooth again.


Do you have any concerns about the quality of a PDR, that someone else has done? If so, we can advise on the quality of their work - then suggest how B&M Refinishers’ technicians might improve on it.


A PDR won’t repair very severe hail damage. (Large dents and cracked paint will almost certainly, need our traditional refinishing skills).

Please note:

Performing a PDR often depends on where the damage is, because a lot of areas can prove impossible to access.

If you’d like B&M Refinishers to assess, then recommend how we could restore your vehicle’s factory-finish, please contact us