When B&M Refinishers restore U.S. classics,

we’ll improve them too.

SS Camaro

The highly-skilled technicians at B&M Refinishers always aim to restore the original factory-look to classic American muscle cars. And in the process, we use many traditional refinishing skills, and interestingly, some very state-of-the-art products too.

The reason why is simple: B&M Refinishers find that our classic restoration work is improved with high-tech, fade-resistant paints, extremely durable sealants and advanced coatings. (Please note: We’ll often match the look of the older-style finishes with these new paints).

Back in the day, Detroit factories production methods were very primitive, and this causes many problems on U.S. classics today. So, to expose every fault, B&M Refinishers must dismantle classic American cars. (Rust will often be a major issue on some imports: because in America, they use salt on their roads in winter). Read on to find out how we approach the restoration of U.S. classics.

1  All body panels removed.


2  The car is stripped down to the bare metal.


3  Next, B&M Refinishers check everywhere. Behind all trim, the glass and under carpets.


4  Only after a full evaluation, is the final quote prepared.

Please allow a contingency to cover additional work, not included in final quote.

At B&M Refinishers we’ve a reputation for very high standards, and many classic car owners say they made the right choice by having us faithfully restore their pride and joy.

And sometimes they get a pleasant surprise, when the final cost is dramatically reduced, because we restored or repaired original parts- instead of using expensive replacement items.

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