Mercedes Coupe

At B&M Refinishers, we specialise in high-quality repairs to the latest, Mercedes-Benz and BMW models.

In our state-of-the-art facility, we use Glasurit paints, as specified by Europe’s leading manufacturers. And finally, after we’ve refinished a vehicle to our very high standards, we’ll use the latest low-bake oven to help us achieve a correct factory-look restoration.

Of course, B&M Refinishers skilled technicians are our most valuable assets, because they consistently produce the flawless, factory-style paint finishes we’ve become known for.

And, we must be doing something right being awarded Panel Shop of the Year in ’07- then appointed 3 Point Motors approved repairer. Naturally, we’re very proud of both achievements. However, we take more pride in our technicians, who demonstrate high levels of skill on some very complex projects.

For example, we’ll often use many traditional refinishing methods on classic restorations- particularly when panels have to be repaired or re-fabricated: simply because they’re no longer available. Finally, to make sure repaired vehicles handle correctly, B&M Refinishers use an advanced alignment system that re-calibrates a chassis back to the original manufacturer’s settings. So, after restoring a vehicle’s factory-look, we make it feel like it’s just left the factory too.

Want your prestige vehicle repaired to the very highest standard possible? Then please call Craig Munro (03) 9499 7585 or contact us